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AGT Social is an IT support company offering creative and flexible IT solutions to individuals and SMEs across London.

We seek to provide much-needed affordable/free IT services to lower income communities as well as offering training, with the aim of increasing social, employment and educational opportunities.





Our flagship project - inspired by our annual Free Laptop Clinic at the Lambeth Country Show. It will deliver affordable and free IT support to beneficiaries in economically and socially deprived communities that would not usually be able to afford such services.

The plan is to deliver a quality service via a mobile ‘pop-up’ workshop fully equipped with all necessary tools to diagnose and repair computers, and to provide space for training in the heart of the communities that we visit.





As part of the Government-backed scheme we will start by providing 1-2 apprenticeships per year. The programme will ultimately train the candidate in IT Support Engineering. Throughout their apprenticeship we will mentor and help to develop their practical skills and ultimately help to prepare them for the next step of long-term employment.





Programmes designed to equip participants with IT skills from basic operation training to workplace- required standards and beyond. This would be achieved in partnership with charities working with young and under-privileged people, and libraries and other community hubs requiring new or additional schemes to increase the services they can provide. Training will also take place in the mobile workshop as part of the Commune-IT project.






Whilst our core focus remains on providing IT support and repairs to communities and the individuals within them, AGT Social also recognises that there are many community organisations and charities in need of affordable and accessible IT support and services.

We offer our expertise in a consultancy capacity to organisations wishing to update or expand their existing IT infrastructure or facilities, as well as those needing to develop an IT infrastructure from scratch. We have also provided our services to help facilitate and support organisations during their funding bids.






AGT Social website is finally here!

June 16, 2015 3:36 pm Published by

Welcome! It’s been a while in the works but our AGT Social website is now up and running! Have a browse – you’ll find descriptions of our projects so far and we’ll be adding more content in the coming weeks.... View Article

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