AGT Social is located in Loughborough Junction, just east of the Loughborough Estate, an area that requires urgent need of community investment and schemes to empower its residents while reducing negative impacts in one of the highest crime areas in London.

We believe in everyone’s potential and are committed to creating opportunities via technology and IT.
Together with youth clubs, schools, prison support organisations and mental health service providers, our partnerships are serving common goals; supporting the local community, reducing stigma and negative beliefs.

We are keen to grow a strong network and connect with other local organisations and individuals to deliver programmes and initiatives for young people.
We are always looking for others to share our ideas with, please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss any possible collaborations.

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How we do it

AGT Social targets those excluded from easy access to the digital
world. This exclusion is largely based on being from lower income
communities without ready access to computers or other devices
to enable them to get online, or those who don’t have the funds to
repair devices when issues arise.


Creating opportunities for people to work in technology and IT is our strongest remit. Our apprenticeships provide comprehensive training and promote the development of transferable skills. 


Our training programmes are
designed to equip participants
from within the community with IT
skills, from basic operation training t
o workplace standards.


We fix and upgrade computers. Via
our Commune-IT scheme we provide free IT support and redistribute refurbished machines to people who would otherwise have no access. 


Our partners

Meet the team



Sibylle Mansour


Amina Laabassi

Project Manager

Sabrina Alleyne

Head of Operations

Ryan Otite

Apprentice Engineer

Siobhan Hurley


Andrew Watson

Training Manager

Get in touch

Railway Arch 447, 
Wickwood Street, 
Phone: 020 3745 4303